The Millennial Mystic Tarot

The Millennial Mystic Tarot is one project that I’ve kept somewhat under wraps for a while now. I haven’t officially announced it here, but now I’m doing so.

Years ago, I got into art and Tarot cards around the same time. Naturally, like many artistic Tarot enthusiasts, I intended to make my own deck. I actually printed a few, as a teenager, by using clip art and Microsoft Word, but I always dreamed of actually illustrating my own deck.

Fast forward through 15 years of Tarot and oracle card study, and a simultaneous 15 years of learning to draw, and that brings us to the current situation: I can draw somewhat well, I have done some longer-term projects (like comic books and illustration), and I feel ready to create a Tarot deck.

Bring on the cardstock.

I wrote the following statements, very early on, to describe this project:

The Millennial Mystic Tarot draws on on inspiration from contemporary fashion and culture, specifically “indie/alternative” aesthetics as popularized by web sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.

More than this, however, the Millennial Mystic Tarot explores the issues of identity that are so prevalent amongst young activists in the Millennial generation. Characters of many identities – gender/sexuality, race/ethnicity, ability/disability, faith/religion, etc. – are represented in this beautifully diverse deck.

Stylistically, the Millennial Mystic Tarot is drawn in a rich comic-book style, drawing on both Eastern and Western comic art, with clean, dark lines and rich colors. Each card’s illustration will be sketched on high-quality watercolor paper, inked by pen, colored in marker and some mixed media, and finally scanned and retouched via digital means before heading off to the printer in 2018.

I’m excited to present a preview of the first few cards I ever illustrated for this deck!

There they are – the High Priestess and the Emperor, two of the Major Arcana cards. I absolutely love these two and I’m falling in love with art and Tarot all over again with this project.

Please stay tuned for information on pre-ordering this gorgeous deck!