Tarot, Oracle, and Angel Card Readings

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Are you feeling at a crossroads? Are you feeling stuck? Lost? Are you struggling to move forward – or, alternately, are things around you chaotic and confusing, moving too fast, and you’re not sure how to cope?  It might be time for a card reading!

I have been reading Tarot, oracle, and angel cards for over 15 years, and I’ve been intuitive and empathic all my life. I work with energies of Angels, Ancestors, Guides, and Gods, and I’ve taken several card reading courses on and offline. And today I am beginning to share my insights with others through online card readings! I provide intuitive readings based on not only the information provided by the cards I’ll draw during our session, but also the messages I receive clairvoyantly from the Angels, Ancestors, Guides, and Gods.

My readings are client-centered and proactive, meaning that I prefer not to focus on an absent third party (ie someone who is not present at the reading) or read about others’ hidden agendas; rather, I keep the focus on the most important person in the situation: you! These readings are about and for you and how you can best harness your personal power and be the best, most effective, and most empowered version of yourself.

PLEASE read the following disclaimers and information BEFORE purchasing a reading:

+ I do not read on medical issues (INCLUDING mental illness), legal situations, finances/investment, or situations involving abuse/neglect. If you are struggling with one of these issues, please seek out an appropriate expert (doctor, lawyer, counselor, police officer). However, if you are already dealing with one of these issues but want some help in another area that is affected by it (such as coping with stress or managing your money or time), I may be able to read on the related issues. But I cannot be your primary source of information or guidance on any of the above serious topics. If you are in danger, please contact local emergency services, not a Tarot reader.

+ My readings are done as pre-recorded videos (15, 30, or 45 minutes), which will be posted on YouTube or another video hosting service, privately. You will be able to view the video from any device using the link I will send you.

+ In creating the listings for these readings, I consciously chose to set a time frame rather than a number of cards. I much prefer to have the freedom to use as many or as few cards as are needed to get the message to come through. The reading will be customized to you and your unique path, and what you need at the moment.

+ These readings are provided as guidance, not instructions, and I am still just a fallible human. I do my utmost to offer options, not directions. I am not an expert in anything but Tarot/oracle/angel cards themselves, and so I cannot be held liable for the results of following any advice gleaned from my readings. Again, I try to offer options, not give advice.