2018 Weekly Illustrations

In January 2018, I pledged to accomplish three quantifiable artistic goals that year:

  1. Create a complete original art piece, with full color unless specifically planned monochrome, every week in 2018. (Bonus points: Make 60 so that it’s a nice solid number.)
  2. Develop, write, and illustrate 5 chapters (plus the Prologue) of a serialized manga-style comic (My Life On The Sidelines) and have them printed as an offset tankobon at the end of 2018.
  3. Net $500 of income from selling my art in the calendar year of 2018.

These were big goals from the start, but I’m accomplishing them so far. If you’d like to support my work in a monetary way, please head over to my shop.

The Weekly Art Pieces are as follows:

The first day of the New Year, I drew a scene of myself and my boyfriend watching fireworks. This was done in various watercolors plus ink.

The second week of January, Isla and Sunset, was an experiment with watercolor pens.

Then came the “BTS Bangtan Stars” series, a set of portraits of the members of Kpop band BTS, each in a very limited color palette (either one or two paints only, plus ink outlines) with stars in their hair. This lasted from mid-January to February. I worked ahead because they were going well and I was having fun and had a lot of free time.